About me and my art

(My name is Liri, a multi-disciplinary artist, graduate of the Midrasha School of Art (Israel) and the University of Leeds (UK
.I love to touch and feel the very base of art - color and water
.I fly high, swim deep, run far and then come back home
.My curiosity leads me to examining the invisible and inconceivable, in the limitations of the senses
.For 35 years I have been creating and teaching unique ways to express ideas and emotions in the language of form, color and material
I teach art history and mixed media workshops, as well as accompanying groups in the process of personal growth and awareness by creating visual art journal
:My creative toolbox contains a variety of artistic and therapeutic tools
Drawing and sketching using a variety of materials and techniques
.Print, graphic design, photography and image editing
.Diagnosis and therapy using color - Ora Soma method
.Phototherapy - photography as a therapeutic tool
.Art journaling - Pacfic North West Art School
.Painting and deciphering mandalas
.Coaching and self-work with cards

With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft". /Henri Matisse"

.Color plays an important part in shaping my reality, leading to a constant dialogue with it
I’m always watching, investigating, and creating with color: by a stroke of a brush, with a feather, fingers, wet
.dry, thick, thin, dripping, spilling and having fun getting dirty
.For me color is a source of inspiration as well as a sensory experience
.On the one hand, color is a seismograph of the outside world, on the other, it is an expression of my inner world
.My passion for color and material leads me to conceive layered mixed media art works, creating a rich and personal visual experience
.My work is based on visions, which I capture with the eye of the camera as well as my own
.I am an enthusiastic collector of materials, textures, memories and colorful people, which are incorporated in my art
 :The images that inhabit my work are taken from the here and the now
,be it from the roof of my house overlooking the roofs of the neighbors, or the houses that are being built
 .from the scaffolding and the exposed bricks, the pigeons and crows and from the changing twilight sky
.This is an ongoing dialogue between city and nature in its changing varieties
 I look at the world from different points of view and combine them into a new reality
.For me the back might also be the front, the inside is a window to the outside, and vice versa
:My vision combines into two parallel channels of my creative work
.I paint on fabrics in large formats and also work with visual, intimate diaries that I create and bind myself

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